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PHP Alumni Website Registration System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Hello everyone, this is my first time here.. I would like to share here my project so called alumni website register. This system is related to registration : 1.) register 2.) log in 3.) edit 5.) and Many more.. This system is created using PHP + mysql Hope you like my project…btw the database also is in here.
Download Here:

PHP Native Church Website System Tutorial Source Code

This project will help you launch a website for your local church with no hassle. Its a free project I did at my leisure but I think it may be useful to someone. You can download freely and use freely and you can also share with friends. I would like to hear from you if you have any information regarding this project.

Admin Login
Username= admin
Password= admin

Remember to re-edit the connect.php file to fit your database.
Remember that the sql file is saved inside the folder database.

Download Here:

PHP Simple College Website PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is the simple website for the college or school. It uses simple HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL. It has the Admission, Courses, About Us, Contact Us, Feedback Us, Our Campus Life, and Mission – Vision menu button on the website.
Download Here:

PHP Fashion Shopping Cart Website Portal with Admin SystemProject PHP/MySQL Source Code

Fashion Shopping Cart Website Portal with Admin project is a web application which is implemented in Php platform. Fashion Shopping Cart Website Portal with Admin Php Project tutorial and guide for developing code.The Project contain Admin panel . It is a shopping cart from which we can signup , login.It provide the function to add product from admin section. And show in the proper section kid section, mens section or women section.

Download Here:

PHP Social Networking Website PHP/MYSQL Source Code

some features
1.home page desgin like facebook
1.1:post status
1.2:upload Photo with description of photo
1.3:subcomment for your post by other users
1.4:simley icons in comments section
1.5 post comment in any language(ie:Nepali,English,Hindi etc)
1.6:rating system
1.7:Time in ago Format ie 2 sec ago
1.8:photo comment
1.9:Fetch youtube video through url
1.10:Notification system by ball bouncing
1:11 clickable link extraction
2:private Message System
3.10:Friend request system
4.11:group chat
5.profile update
6.change profile photo and coverphoto
7.facebook like search
8.Responsive Design

Download Here: