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PHP Web-Based Time Table Scheduling PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a Web-Based Time Table Scheduling System for Tertiary Institution designed to solve timetable and schedulling problems in higher institution.

It make sure courses, lecturer, room and time does not conflict.

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PHP Web-based Task Management System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Web-based Task Management System PHP and MySQL Source Code

This is a web based task management system made using PHP and Mysql with bootstrap as the interface. This program will let you create your task with schedules and activities.
1. Download the source code.
2. Extract the compressed folder.
3. Run the xampp control panel and start the apache and mysql
4. Copy the extracted folder to htdocs
5. Open the browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin
6. import dbca.sql in the database folder
7. Run the program by typing in any browser localhost/livetest

This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be accepted.

Download Here:

PHP web-based reservation system PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

phpMyReservation is a web-based reservation system. It is based on HTML5, PHP and MySQL, and it is free and open source.

It was originally written to replace the paper-based reservation system used to reserve a washing machine used by many people where I live. Since it has other potential uses, and can be useful to others, I decided to make it available here.

In addition to reserving a washing machine, it can for example be used to reserve a tennis court, a conference/meeting room etc. It is not intented to be used in situations where high security, high reliability or being able to handle hundreds of users is required.

This project is currently not maintained

Many are contacting me regarding a new version. As of now I can not guarantee a new version in the near future. I will keep all your suggestions in mind if I start working on a new version. I am aware of that the current version have some bugs and flaws. As I have no education in technology whatsoever, I learn how to code in my spare time. With my knowledge today, I am aware of the fact that the code could be better. Test it thoroughly to see if it works for you.

Thanks for all your nice feedback!

Download Here:
Download Here

PHP Web-Based School Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

# ECIT 1.0 #
Point release 2.1.0: 16/11/2015

# Introduction #

Welcome to ECIT!




Connect Identity Tolerance

ECIT has a designated of selective cores specifically fitted to the requirements of school campus. ECIT is designed considering range of managing multi-functions within entire school campus. With the use of ECIT , employee can be more accountable as it helps to know the track performance of each department
quickly. Almost all departments within school campus (e. g. admission,
administration, bank finance etc) can be optimized and granted. ECIT fully supports to assign the responsibilities to employee and can reduce time and can enhance more the
administrative systems. Core functions like admissions, library management, document management, students activity in short entire range of campus functions can be well performed by ECIT.

# Documentation and Support #
* Facebook.com/DavaoWebDev see on our note app

# System Requirements #
* A web server that can execute PHP
* A password-protected MySQL database server connection, and a database on which the user of the connection has full permissions rights (i.e. SELECT, DROP, CREATE and UPDATE)
* PHP 5.3 or later
* PHP must be run as the same system user that owns the directory where ECIT will be installed.



1. Upload ECIT to the web directory of your choice.
2. Create a new MySQL database name for ECIT to use.

a. go to phpmyadmin
b. create database name “campusadmin”
c. import “campusadmin.sql”

Admin login
username: admin@admin.com
password: admin@admin.com

Student login
username: dex@dex.com
password: dex@dex.com

Employee login
Add staff using Admin account
3. Browse to the ECIT folder and you will be redirected to the installation process.
4. Fill out the form, click install, and that’s it!
5. You are now ready to use ECIT.

# Poked Issues #
– The .htaccess file may cause issues on some servers. If you get a 500 Internal Server Error when you try to load the installer,
– On Windows Server WAMP / XAMPP need to rewrite apache serveice : click on the WAMP/XAMPP icon and goto apache –> Apache Modules –> rewrite_modle make sure this rewrite_module is chacked.


# Like App Page #
” www.facebook.com/DavaoWebDev

# Like ECIT Page #
” www.facebook.com/devICET

# Join Future Developers #
” www.facebook.com/groups/futuredeveloper
Download Here: