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PHP Online Voting System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Online voting system for schools and every department.

Main Features are :
1. You can edit, add, delete candidate information.
2. You can edit, add, delete voter information.
3. You can print and canvas the result immediately.
4. You can set the start and end time of voting.

Download Here:

PHP Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This Source is created on PHP and mysql as database
Hope that this source code will help you a lot.

to go to the admin page just /admin on your URl:

Admin UserAccount:


Download Here:

PHP Electronic Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is an electronic voting system developed using php as the front-end and Mysql as the back-end. It is developed to eliminate the conventional paper ballot system being practice in some countries .

1.) It is Secured.
2.) It is fast and confident.
3.) Result are accurate.
4.) Reduce crowd at polling unit.
5.) Instant result are release immediately after each vote.


User must register first to obtain a unique election id and username that will serve as a pass before voting.
Use your election id and username to login and choose which election to vote i.e presidential or governorship election. After which the current result will be displayed instantly.
Download Here:

PHP Drag and Drop Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hello guys I have created new voting system that I created for our Philippines Society of Information Technology Students (PSITS) organization in our school this system is use by our club and test during our PSITS election. It has a good graphical user interface (GUI) and User friendly Environment.

The features of this system are the following:
-Drag and drop style of voting
-add, edit, delete voter
-add, edit, and delete candidates
-count number of votes of candidates
-form validator and CAPTCHA for voters registration
-any many more

To view the output of this code, just download the zip file attach that include the sql and the php file.

To access admin just add “/admin” in your URL.
To access voters registration form just add “ /register” in your URL.

Database name: psits
Admin username: teph
Admin password: teph

Thank you.
Download Here:

PHP Voting System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Multiple voting rooms
2 levels of accounts – Admin, Teacher
Authentication with cookies
Graphical output of results
Administration –
Voting –
Graphical output of results
Text output of results
Editing of votings, questions and possibilities
Removing of votings, questions and possibilities
Users – Overview, deleting, editing
Additional settings – Setting cookie on student PCs
Download Here: