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PHP Add,Edit and Delete Using CodeIgniter Tutorial Source Code

In this tutorial you will be able to Add,Edit and Delete Data Using CodeIgniter.

System Requirement to run CI:
Xampp server or Wamp server .
Any Browser Google chrome,Firefox,Opera,Safari.. etc.
Php editor you can use Dreameaver,Notepad,Wordpad if you are using mac you can use textmate, or other compatible with your computer,for me i recommend Dreamweaver to easily fix the error if they have.

This is the simple way to run this program.
First Download the files .
Next Extract the zip files to htdoc this is the path of htdocs(C://xampp/htdocs)
Now go to localhost/phpmyadmin and click TAB import->browse the sql file sql file attached with the folder and Click Go
Now go to your browser and follow this path(localhost/foldername/filename.php)
Note:Make sure that you complete requirements above.
Download Here:

PHP Using Cookies Tutorial Source Code

This is a very simple and basic tutorial in PHP. This will teach you how to use and set cookie in PHP. Cookies allows the webmaster to store user’s or visitor’s information to be accessed on the next visit in the website. It is usually used in logging in, to store the username and password. But note, don’t use cookie on an important information.
Here is the code to set the cookie:
Download Here:

PHP Validate HTML Form Using PHP/jQuery Tutorial Source Code

Hi there,

Today I am going to show how to validate form using jquery and php.

HTML Forms are one of the main points of interaction between a user and a web site or application

Download Here:

PHP Hotel Customer Information Admin Using CodeIgniter System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a simple Customer Information Admin page where you can add new customer, edit, search , delete and view customer information. This is done using PHP with framework codeIgniter 3.0.3 and jquery.

This is good for those who are learning codeIgniter framework.

For more information, please contact me via:
Email : ahg0406@gmail.com or guigzal@yahoo.com
Mobile : +639476840825
or sourcecodester message modules.

Password is Guigabytez
Download Here:

PHP Electric Company System Using PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is very useful for the electric company program as a complete system. Share and learn on this source code. The purpose of this program is you can actually calculate the product and the costumer. Sorry I am not using this dialect fluently. Hope you understand this Electric System.
Download Here: