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PHP Students Affair Information System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This Students Affair Information System in PHP and MySQL. This system has two accounts, Admin and Guest.

Admin features:
-Admin must log in to access admin page.
(Admin name: admin; Password: password)
-Insert/Update/Delete scholarship program, student scholar, membership and members.

-Search students in scholarship section.
-View students, scholarship, membership, and members of school organizations.

Neat and clean background interface and User-friendly System.

Download Here:

PHP Students Activities and Grades Information System send via SMS using PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a complete System for student Activities and Grades Information System send via SMS.
System features:
• Adding of New Student, update and delete information of a specific student.
• Student grades are automatically computed
• The registrar can send the Grades to all students
• The Supreme Student Government can send the different activities through SMS
• Add new activities, update and delete each information
• Add new Departments update, delete each information
• It has a user management system
• User login logout system
• Can create update and delete new Subject.
Instructions on how to set-up the system:

Software needed:
XAMPP =>local server;
To set up site
1. Copy the studinfo folder inside the htdocs folder. ex:C:\xampp\htdocs\
2. Open a browser ex:Google,IE,Mozilla
3. type localhost/phpmyadmin/
4. to set-up the database
5. look for the database file insaide the studinfo folder
6. the file namely studinfosms.sql
7. then on the phpmyadmin create a database namely studinfosms
8. import the file studinfosms.sql
9. if successfully installed
10. then test the site
11. by openning localhost/studinfo/

ODBC Connector
OZEKI =>local SMS Server;
–>Install OZEKI NG Server
–>Create accounts
–>go to users and applications
–>Add user ex:Joken
–>select Database user Interface
–>Configure accounts by setting database connection
–>connection string type ODBC
–>connection String: Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=localhost;Database=studinfosms;UID=root;PWD=;Option=4;
–>click OK

–>On the Service Provider
–>click add service provider connection
–>Click Autodetect to detect find the modem used
–>leave the sms centre
–>but set a phone Number used.
–>click OK
–>click connect

Username: admin
password: mainadmin
Download Here:

PHP Students Assignment Feedback System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Assignment feedback system project is designed to reduce work for lecturers by providing exact time for submitting assignments and give grades for students.Faculty can give feedback to every student based on his assignment status. Student will have limited access to faculty for viewing his test results.

Download Here:

PHP Social Networking System for College Students PHP/MySQL Source Code

In present day online networking is fast growing network mainly social networking site which are used by college students and employees. Here we provide PHP social networking site for college students.

Project Aim:

Social networking site is useful for sharing information between students who are located at different parts of the country and world. Students can share education materials, question papers, presentations using this application.

Features in social networking site for college students:

Update images, profile.

Send emails to friends in group.

Share education related Videos.

Students can upload project materials, tutorials.

In order to use college student’s social networking site users must be college students others users are not allowed to create account. Students should send friend requests and after accepting request users can share education material, picture, messages and find old friends.

Project Name PHP Social Networking Site for College Students

Project Requirements:

Front End Design: PHP

Back End Design: Mysql server

Download Full project Source code.

Multi Platform Development:

Java, Asp.net and PHP Social networking site project are mostly used platforms.

Reference Material:

Along with source code students can find social networking site for college student’s documentation, system design, database design and testing report.

System Design:

This document covers Data flow diagram functional components of student profile, tutorials, admin with detailed explanation.

Database Design:

This document will give over view on table design for uploading images, college information, question and answers, question paper details and student account details.

Testing Document:

Testing document provides detailed testing information on every module like edit profile, upload images, login, question and answers, videos, tutorials..etc

These documents will guide final year BCA, MCA, CSE students to develop this project and find detailed information on testing, data flow diagram.

Download Here: