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PHP ROTC Enrollment System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ROTC Enrollment system , I want to share this Enrollment system using PHP,HTML,CSS, Boostrap . Here you can enroll a student and view all by type. In this system already filter by Semester .You can learn easily . 1. Create Database – rotc 2. Upload the sql on sql folder. 3.done

Username: admin
Password: admin
Download Here:

PHP Online Inventory System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The system is designed to enhance the existing inventory process of an agency.
It is also my capstone project during my MSIT. The system is not updated but has almost the complete features of my updated one.
Hope you like it.


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Download Here:

PHP School Fees Payment System Source Code

Yesterday I saw a project :Automated Billing System which submitted by user name loading. When I read and saw the project then I thought I can convert this project into School Fee Payment system and I am feeling happy that I did it.

*Beautiful login system.
*Add New Student , View Student , Edit student and Delete Student.
*Add Class , View Class, Edit or Update Class and Delete Class.
*Add , view and edit Monthly Fees in Class Wise.
*Add Admission fee, view and edit in student in cwise.
*Add Student Security amount, view and edit class wise.
*Generate Fee or monthly bill
*View the Report of Student who deposit the fees
*Delete and Print the Report or print receipt monthly wise.
*View student detail Report and Print it.

username: waqas
password: waqas

Download Here:

PHP Staff Audit System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi every one.
here is a simple staffs audit system. from this program you will learn how to create a simple verification program. you can also learn how to update records, delete records, select recodes and insert records with a very simple methods.


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Download Here:

PHP Alumni Website Registration System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Hello everyone, this is my first time here.. I would like to share here my project so called alumni website register. This system is related to registration : 1.) register 2.) log in 3.) edit 5.) and Many more.. This system is created using PHP + mysql Hope you like my project…btw the database also is in here.
Download Here: