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PHP Simple E-commerce System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This Is simple Application, with php mysql bootstrap, this system is register before you add to cart.

hope you happy to learn my project

Download Here:

PHP Simple Social Networking Site System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a simple social networking site that was created based on Adam Khoury’s Tutorials on developing a simple social network site.
For more information about the tutorials that facilitated the building of this site, visit http://www.developphp.com/.
Get videos from his YouTube channel. Just go to youtube and search for Adam Khoury. I hope you enjoy the tutorials and gain great skills.

Download Here:

PHP Simple POS and Inventory System Tutorial Source Code

Simple POS and Inventory System features a Simple Point of Sales (POS) front-end and Simple Inventory back end.

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: user
Password: user

Username: supplier
Password: supplier

If you have any comments, suggestion or questions, feel free to comment below or message me.

P.S. Don’t forget to comment if there are any bugs so that I can correct it. Happy Coding 🙂
Download Here:

PHP Simple Inventory System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Sorry po sa inconvenience..
Nakalimutan po naming i check ang sa Database, iba pala yung na Export..
Fixed napo e2, download nlng po ninyo ulit..
Salamat ng Marami ^_^

A simple Inventory System..
Just try this one 🙂

hope u will like it 😀

[note: Check the BaseDAO.php file located at app/PHP/CLASSES if there is something you want to change regarding on the connection to database]
[if your database dont have password,just set the $db_user = “root” (usually) and $db_pass = “” ]

cheers! :>

Database Name: IIS_DB (at -db- folder)
By: Marejean Granaderos Perpinosa IMBA (-best prog-)
Download Here:
Download Here:

PHP Simple Student Report System Tutorial Source Code

This is a simple student report management system in PHP/Mysql and I hope it will benefit some new programmers. This project is free and you can edit and add some new cool features as you may wish. Everything you need to install this script is here.

Firstly, you must enable PDO Mysqli function in your php.ini file located in your xampp control panel.
Please do edit database information in two files, connect.php and login.php

Login Credentials
Username: admin
Password: admin

Download Here: