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PHP Online Car Rental System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This a complete “online-reservation for a rent-a-car business” done in PHP + MySQL. I have done this project last year for a student thesis here in the philippines. If you like my code, feel free to vote for it!!

Download Here:

PHP Car Rental Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a small project i did for my sister for her final year. Its a simple system using PHP/MySQL database. Download the file to learn some new codes.

Hope you learned from this. Please don’t forget to like this page.
For admin – username: admin password:admin
Download Here:

PHP Rental System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This repository exists just to view a sample of my coding knowledge, and is not intended to be downloaded nor usable outside of the full website which I managed.

This project is a simple rental system of assets, which is fully manageable by clients (no admin necessary). Because this system is no longer being used, I am able to show the details of this small portion that I built.

It is not necessary to include the inner MYSQL connection files, nor other portions of the site, in order to gain an understanding of my skill in creating this application.
Library project
Download Here:

PHP Book Rental System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

The main advantage of the book rental system is admin user can administrate rental of books in a book library by using computer. Computer can solve the difficult, tough problems in recording, processing and storing data and information. Admin user can do the tasks like adding new books to library, rent books to borrower, and enter student detail and book return date by using this proposed system.

Download Here: