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PHP School Admission Processing System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys, this is a School Admission Portal that will help schools process their admission with ease.

Student can apply for admission and take exams online, wait for result, start uploading details and many more.

Admin can print out pins, activate students and deactivate them any time.

Feel free to modify the system. Database is located in the Database folder.
Documents is in the Documentation folder.

If you encounter any error, just post it in the comment area and I’ll reply you.

PHP Sales Transaction Processing System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Sales Transaction Processing System (STPS)
User interface (Front-end): HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
Logical part / Database (Back-end): PHP & MySQL.

STPS support two roles: the cashier and Manager/supervisor.

 Less human error
 Less Strength and strain of manual labour
 Good Security
 Data consistency
 Easy to interact
 Easy data Updating
 Easy record keeping
 Easy Backup data

 Xampp
 Wampp
 Easy PHP
 Any related software
Download Here:

PHP Student Result Processing System Tutorial Source Code

Student Result Management System divided in two modules:

Admin Features

Admin Dashboard
Admin can add/update/ Class
Admin can add/update/ Subjects
Admin can add/update/ Active/Inactive Subject combination with class
Admin can register new student and also edit info of the student
admin can declare/ edit result of a student.
Admin can change own password

Student can search their result using valid rollid.
Student can download the result in the PDF format.
Download Here:

PHP Identity Card Processing and Generation System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is Identity Card Processing and Generation System . And, we have a sample source code. You can use this to your future project.
Download Here: