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PHP ROTC Enrollment System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ROTC Enrollment system , I want to share this Enrollment system using PHP,HTML,CSS, Boostrap . Here you can enroll a student and view all by type. In this system already filter by Semester .You can learn easily . 1. Create Database – rotc 2. Upload the sql on sql folder. 3.done

Username: admin
Password: admin
Download Here:

PHP Human Resource Integrated System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The Human Resource Integrated System Features:

Admin’s Page

View, Add and Edit Employees
Create and Update Admin Users
Add and Leave Service Credits
Can Calculate Late and Undertime of the Employees
Can Print Attendance Monthly Report of the Employees
Employee’s Page

Can Add and Edit Information
Can view their Service Credits
Can view their Attendance Records
Employees Time Log:
Add /login_timee.php in the url and type the Employee’s ID.
Employee ID: ROD-001

Admin Login:
Username: admin1
Password: admin1

Employee Login:
Username: a
Password: a

Project By: Rodzil Camato
Download Here:

PHP Online Inventory System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The system is designed to enhance the existing inventory process of an agency.
It is also my capstone project during my MSIT. The system is not updated but has almost the complete features of my updated one.
Hope you like it.


email me at jham_infotech@yahoo.com
Download Here:

PHP Online Car Rental System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This a complete “online-reservation for a rent-a-car business” done in PHP + MySQL. I have done this project last year for a student thesis here in the philippines. If you like my code, feel free to vote for it!!

Download Here:

PHP Hotel Reservation System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This system used for booking of room in easy and fastest way. The system created using css bootstrap for the style of the system features. Hotel reservation system features are the following:
Client Side:
– Home Page
– Login Form
– Registration Form
– Booking
– Room Picture

Admin Side:

– Login Form
– Home Page Profile of Every User
– Reservation Transaction
– Adding New User
– Adding Main Room
– Adding Room Type

Admin Password:
Username: palomo
Password: x
Download Here: