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PHP Gym Management System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Our proposed “Smart Gym Management System” is for those who run a gym business. Before doing anything we did a decent research on major difficulties for gym owners. We examined carefully about how to make a huge registering system without failure as well as different functions for different kind of user depending on their privilege.

This online gym management system is user-friendly application. This automated system makes all functionality easier for owners. It is very simple in design and to implement. The system requirements are very low. System resources and the system will work in almost all configurations.
# Dashboard Overview

# Section Name : Management
Manage Client
Manage Membership Plans
Manage Enquiry
Manage Subscriptions
Manage Attendance

#Section Name : Users
User Management
Roll Management

#Section Name : Add On
Expense Management
Email Management
SMS Management

#Section Name : Reports
Client Report
Attendance Report
Enquiry Report

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PHP Online School Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

powerful school management system that is designed with the aim to manage the school records with ease. The responsible layout allows you to use in desktop as well as tablet and mobile. It can be run offline or online. It covers maximum modules that can a school have. The reports can be customized, printed.

It can be operated in different levels. Various types of user can access it. The masteruser has the permission to set permission for other user. Master user can also track record of their user.
General Setting
Master Entry
Manage User
Manage Accounts
Manage Class & Sections
Manage User
Manage Exam
Manage Subject
Manage SC Area
Manage SC Indicator
Set Fee
Salary Head
Salary Structure
School Material
Manage Location
Header & Footer

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PHP Online Barangay Information Gateway System Demographics Governance Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

# Information Gateway System #
Point release: 17/11/2015
by Jii Yo with REDCAPPER
Information Gateway System – Barangay Application

Information Gateway Application has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of education industry. Information Gateway System is engineered and designed considering range of management functions within university. With the use of Information Gateway System, staff can be more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just few seconds.

Information Gateway System helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and can reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions. Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students attendance in short entire range of university functions can be well performed by Information Gateway System.


* www.igs-apps.com/contact

* A web server that can execute PHP
* A password-protected MySQL database server connection,
and a database on which the user of the connection has
full permissions rights (i.e. SELECT, DROP, CREATE and UPDATE)
* PHP 5.4.0 or later
* PHP must be run as the same system user that owns the directory
where Information Gateway System will be installed.

For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the
installation process, which need to collect a little
information before we can get your application
up and running :

1) Move/Upload Information Gateway System to the web directory of your choice.

2) Create a new single MySQL database for Information Gateway System to store all
its tables.

3) Browse to the Information Gateway System folder and you will be redirected
to the Information Gateway System requirement checker is display details of
minimum requirements by Information Gateway System.
If your your server configuration not satisfies please
solved problem before installing Information Gateway System else click to install button.

4) Next, you should be taken to the install.php script,
which will lead you through creating a `config/db.php`
file with create MySQL database and then setting up Information Gateway System,
creating an admin user account and institute setup etc.

5) You are now ready to use Information Gateway System.

For manual installation used only when Information Gateway System won’t create the database
for you, this has to be done manually before you can access it,
which need to go following step to done:

1) Move/Upload Information Gateway System to the web directory of your choice.

2) Create a new single MySQL database for Information Gateway System to store all
its tables.

3) Import Information Gateway System database into `applicationPath/database`.
If you wish you install sample data please upload Information Gateway System-sample-db.sql
other wise upload Information-Gateway-System-empty-db.sql.

4) Go to `applicationPath/config` and rename file `db-sample.php` to

5) Edit the file `applicationPath/config/db.php` with real data, for example:
return [
‘class’ => ‘yii\db\Connection’,
‘dsn’ => ‘mysql:host=localhost;dbname=IGSSQL’,
‘username’ => ‘root’,
‘password’ => ”,
‘charset’ => ‘utf8’,

6) Next, you will be redirected to welcome/login page.
If you upload sample-database wii be redirect login page
other wise redirect welcome page and then setting up Information Gateway System,
creating an admin user account and institute setup etc.

7) You are now ready to use Information Gateway System.

Username : admin
Password : admin

created by admin

created by admin

If you any error/display blank page in browse before installing application.you should be able to access the application through the following URL to check Information Gateway System requirement it satisfies or not:
Download Here:

PHP Inventory Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

An automated inventory management system having 2 environment admin and general user end. It also has option for online and offline database synchronization.

Hope you learned from this program.

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PHP School Management (SMS) System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

SMS handles all problems associated with management of school, including students record keeping, finance,examination, staff management,finance management and has access levels for the purpose of security.

Login.for admin level..
username: admin
pass: admin

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