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PHP Online Examination System PHP / MYSQL Source Code


This program is a full ajax(jquery) implementation it will cover features like javascipt(jquery element manipulation), php, mysql.

Admin can add new examination input various answers, it will also show how to create your own MVC Pattern to reduce the reduncy of codings. The design was only using wire frame but the code is fully understandable because of the separation of model, views and controllers.

PHP(5.3+) required, or better installed the recent xampp.

Download Here:

PHP Computer base entrance examination System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a computer base aptitude test examination system for candidate and student seeking admission into the university. He/She buys a scratch card and register before taking the exam. It was developed using php 5.2.5.
Download Here:

PHP Online Examination Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online Examination Management System Using PHP/MySQL
This project is powerful exam management system using for College/University.
The scope of the projects:
1. The administrator creates a user account for departments and has the privilege to manage all the users.
2. The department gets privileges and login into the system and import students, instructors and course details of the department.
3. The instructor also gets the privilege to access the system and log into the system and then prepare questions and manage student results.
4. The students also login to the system and take the exam if available and then view their results.
1. Extract the zip folder and move to the apache web server director
2. Go to phpMyAdmin and create database: name it as ems
3. import all the tables from the file ems.sql which is located on the folder ems.
4. open web browser and invoke: localhost/ems/
5. the login page will appear and enter username and password.
username for administrator: admin
Password for administrator:1234
Contact me at dtechane6@gmail.com , for further questions.
Download Here:

PHP Automatic Online Examination System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The program is demonstration features like
use of javascript timer, phpand mysql database adding,deleting,modifying records.

in the examination module, the exam is closed once the time is over. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ON +254720372593 OR www.facebook.com/karis.hac
Download Here: