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PHP Student and employee feedback System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template project is a web application which is implemented in Php platform. Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template Php project tutorial and guide for developing code. Entity–relationship(er) diagrams,Data flow diagram(dfd),Sequence diagram and software requirements specification (SRS) of Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template in report file. Download Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template web application project in Php with source code . Php project web mini and major project with source code. Synopsis of Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template available in project document. This source code import in netbeans for application development. Student and employee feedback system with bootstrap template project source code for BE,Btech,mca,bca,engineering,bs cs,IT,software engineering final year students can submits source code in collage.
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PHP Employee payroll and Task Management System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Our project Employee payroll and Task Management System is an online application which created to check Number of employees in each branch, Employees records, Tasks and time frame, attendance records, salary details, etc. Employee attendance, Payroll accounting, Task Management, Salary calculations, etc are the main objectives of this web application. In this application Administrator creates branches and he assign Branch manager in each branch. Branch manager will add employees to his branch and he assign tasks to his employees. Administrator is the main user of this web application and Branch manager will manage employee records.

The employees can submit their attendance, and the managers can check employee attendance and his task details, etc. Also Branch Manager can calculate and disburse salary to his employees.

Home page: Home page is the first page of the website. Home page contains the information of company and Login page. In this Administrator or Employee can login to the site by entering Login ID and Password.

Employees Module: In this page Administrator will add employee record by entering Employee profile, Experience details, Payroll details, etc. One system creates Employee record Admin will send login information to the employees.

Projects Module: In this page admin will add different projects and he will schedule Time frame Start time and End Time for those projects. In this module administrator can send project documents, requirements, he can communicate with employees of the company.

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PHP Employee Records System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hey guys!
This is a simple project created with PHP, MYSQL and jQuery that stores employee’s personal information including their Image and any other national identity card. You can add other users to also help manage the system and assign them user roles.

Login Details

Username: admins
Password: admin1234
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PHP Employee Management System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This Employee Management System created to manage the employee data. This system created to record all data of the employee. You can add, edit, and delete data in this system. The other function, you can change also the password.

Featured System
Add new employee data
Edit employee data
Delete employee data
Change employee password
Filter employee data
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PHP Employee Recruitment System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Employee Recruitment System

This repository consists of a simple recruitment system developed using PHP and MySQL which facilites oraganization to post their staffing requirements and view profiles of interested candidates. Also, organization can sort interested candidates and schedule their exams and interviews. It can be helpful for candidates to find requirements in the company and to apply for appropriate job. The primary purpose to develop this system is to optimize the recruitment process for an organization.

Using XAMPP or WMPP :

Copy extracted files to the web server’s root directory [most probably, C:\xampp\htdocs in XAMPP or C:\wamp\www in WAMP].
Start APACHE and MySQL servers from XAMPP/WAMP control panel.
Go to phpmyadmin from XAMPP/WAMP control panel and create a blank database named ‘recruitment’.
Import recruitment.sql to this database.
Change the host, user, password in connect.php according to your phpmyadmin credentials.
Finally, access the project files throgh url localhost/ in your browser.

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