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PHP Easy Insert, Update, Delete Codeigniter Tutorial Source Code

This a very simple insert, update, delete in codeigniter program. Very easy to understand for especially for beginners. This code is the first thing we have to know, learn and understand if we are in beginners stage.

Hope you learn from this.


Download Here:

PHP blog, forum, registration, add,edit, delete, search and send message System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

a very cool system that able to create a blog, forum, registration and send message to other members in the website…..visit: www.blogsakan.phpnet.us========vote this system… this is just a beta versionnnnn======

Download Here:

PHP Add,Edit and Delete Using CodeIgniter Tutorial Source Code

In this tutorial you will be able to Add,Edit and Delete Data Using CodeIgniter.

System Requirement to run CI:
Xampp server or Wamp server .
Any Browser Google chrome,Firefox,Opera,Safari.. etc.
Php editor you can use Dreameaver,Notepad,Wordpad if you are using mac you can use textmate, or other compatible with your computer,for me i recommend Dreamweaver to easily fix the error if they have.

This is the simple way to run this program.
First Download the files .
Next Extract the zip files to htdoc this is the path of htdocs(C://xampp/htdocs)
Now go to localhost/phpmyadmin and click TAB import->browse the sql file sql file attached with the folder and Click Go
Now go to your browser and follow this path(localhost/foldername/filename.php)
Note:Make sure that you complete requirements above.
Download Here:

PHP Add, Update, Delete, Search and Print Tutorial Source Code

In this package you will learn how to add record, update, search, print or even delete records.

1. Install wamp5

2. After Installation, copy folder “IC”, go paste in the directory below


3. Upload database http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

4. Run your Wamp

5. From browser type in


6. Login Details:

username: admin
password: admin123

Download Here:

PHP How To Make Delete Multiple Rows Tutorial Source Code

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on How To Make Delete Multiple Rows Using PHP. The features of this project is to add a data then, delete multiple data using check box as our selector. Hope you find this useful.

Download Here: