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PHP Room Booking System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

code can be incorporated in Hotel room booking system on line, calculates available rooms, allots rooms, etc

Download Here:

PHP Car Wash Booking Online System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a Car Wash Booking with the following modules;

1. admin
2. user registration
3. admin panel

For more information contact us on http://www.twitter.com/eliudprom
website: http://wwww.eliudpro.com

enjoy ur day
Download Here:

PHP Web Based Online Hotel Booking System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This online hotel booking system integrate with Paypal and written on PHP, html and javascript.

PHP Version 5.6.3 MYSQL version 5.0


Export unleashe_hotel.sql to database.
Username, password and database name can be find in auth.php file inside the HotelB and HotelB/admin folders.

Username: demo , password: demo

Admin can delete, edit and view pending and paid bookings.

Admin can delete, edit and view ROOMS.
Download Here:

PHP Hotel Booking and Reservation System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a hotel Booking system that sends an sms from ozeki sms gateway when one makes a reservation.Enjoy. For more info contact me on mwauraj09@gmail.com
The username and password to the admin is simon
Download Here:

PHP Library Management System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Diploma in Computer Engineering third year project-work on 2007

Library project
Download Here: