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PHP Web Based Online Hotel Booking System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This online hotel booking system integrate with Paypal and written on PHP, html and javascript.

PHP Version 5.6.3 MYSQL version 5.0


Export unleashe_hotel.sql to database.
Username, password and database name can be find in auth.php file inside the HotelB and HotelB/admin folders.

Username: demo , password: demo

Admin can delete, edit and view pending and paid bookings.

Admin can delete, edit and view ROOMS.
Download Here:

PHP Web Based Alumni Tracking System Source Code

This was our project during Third Year for the Research project. I hope this can help anyone who wants to make an alumni tracking. It is based on PHP and MySQL.

username: admin
password: admin

Featured System
Add Account
Managed Employed Student
Managed Unemployed
Managed Self Employed
Password of zip file: sourcecodester.com

Download Here:

PHP Web based Resource Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Modules of this project:

Project Management Module: This module includes management of projects, project levels, tasks, notes, Project statistics, Project planning, Analysis, members developing this project, etc.

Schedule Module: This scheduler module enables users to share project schedule with the other users or employees.

Project Tracker: This module tracks employees, resources, projects, clients, contacts, planning and daily scheduling.

Languages Used:

Front End: PHP
Back End: MySQL Server
Download Here:

PHP Lan based entrance exam PHP System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This lan based entrance exam
is a web based application
that was made using PHP as the
server side script and MySql as the
database.The students that will
take in this lan based entrance exam
are allowed to take the quiz with a
certain time duration.

1. Download the source code.
2. Extract the compressed folder.
3. Run the xampp control panel and start the apache and mysql
4. Copy the extracted folder to htdocs
5. Open the browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin
6. import the database bcc
7. Run the program by typing in any browser localhost/lan

This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be
Download Here:

PHP LAN Based Entrance Examination PHP/MySQL Source Code

Hi everyone, I upload this code to help everybody that encountered difficulties in creation of their own lan based entrance examination. The feature of this code is it has a timer, wherein the student are allowed to take quiz in a certain duration of time. it has also a facilitator page wherein his function is to set the time duration of the exam. It has also an admin page where the admin can manage all, including add course, add question edit account and etc.. Download this code to see the unlisted feature behind the LAN Based Entrance Examination.

admin user name:admin
admin password: admin

database name:bcc

both sql and php file are included in the zip file attach
Download Here: