PHP Traffic Offense System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys,

This is my third project on sourcecodester and 20th project in PHP. I hope you will love it!

The traffic offense system helps the police to monitor traffic offenses and issuing of penalties that is endorsements to careless drivers. The system have three users the admin on the back-end and vid (Vehicle Inspection Department ) on the front-end and officer on the front end.

Officer will compile offenses every time when a driver commits an offense and offense points is attached to each offense, if the drivers offense exceed the required limit the drivers license will be endorsed meaning the driver is not allowed to drive for a certain period and if the driver decides to drive with an endorsed license the vehicle will be impounded. My fellow brothers will like to ask where and how this application can be used in remote area? The answer is simple it will be used on roadblocks and tollgates for easy internet access. One can say offense can happen anywhere for example in remote area where network is a problem, for the case I have embedded the application with android app which work the same way as this web application (but this one is for premium if you like it).

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