PHP Petshop Website System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This script is designed for selling foods for pets. It has a product category and a shopping cart.

You need to install a server on your computer such as WampServer, or XAMPP or if you are using Linux operating system, you can use LAMP.

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PHP Electronic Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

A network based electronic voting System. It was developed with a text editor (macromedia dreamweaver). It has features for adding new contestant together with thier pictures, Deleting unwanted recdords from the database as well as a network based environment for each user to login with the given username and pass word to vote. Each user can only vote once and double voting is prevented.
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PHP School Management System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

A school management system that records the information of faculty, students, and a subject taught my the teachers.

It also has a score system that records the test given to the students.

This is the first PHP code from my assignment. Like and share it and you can contact me by email: and facebook acount: Monm Vannak.

database name: assignment
user: admin
pass: admin
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PHP Chat System Using PHP/MySQL Source Code

This Chat System will help you, specially to thus programmer who are building their own social networking site. This chat system is very easy to implement, risk free to install. This chat application includes ajax post and load messages, this chat save and load your message without loading the page content. In short this chat content looks like the Facebook chat, the last conversation start at the bottom. Another feature of this chat application are is has a feature that let the user to change the color of the message and of course it is made using PDO Query with ajax so basically it is fast chat system. Hope this application will help you, thank you.

Database name: messages

Note: You can download the tested version of this application here.
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PHP Cafe Ordering System Using PHP/MYSQL Source Code

PHP Cafe Ordering System Using PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is wings café ordering system coded in php and MySQL. it is my 3rd semester project at Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology Lesotho. I just hope u will like the code and customize it to suits your projects.

Requirements to run this project succefully:

Any php support server

MySQL for running database.

Just import wings.sql (it is in the database folder) in your phpmyadmin.


If you need any problem on this plz contact me here: or facebook Pk Egnistos Shakhane.
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