PHP Student Management System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Advance Student Management System

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PHP Online Order System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

A prototype of an lightweight PHP/MySQL online shop. Its a training project, but it offers interfaces, that can be used in realistic projects. With the system you can simulate a closed system: User for buying products. Administrator for managing products and monitoring the system. Provider for ship products. Every user type has an account overview and management and register functionalities.

Copyright 2015 DevWurm GPL 3 License (Read ./license/gpl-3.0.txt)

documentation will be offered in the future

+restore a mysql dtabase from the ./database/database.sql dumpfile +deploy the files to a web server +set your configuration in the ./config/order_system.conf file –> the deployment is finished, there is a standard user for the admin panel (change password after login!): username: root password: toor

you can use the github issue tracker for bugs and feature requests or create a pull request to submit changes. Forks are very welcome, too. If you don’t want to use these possibilities, you can also write me an email at

DevWurm Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or ideas avout the project :

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PHP Hospital Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a HTML/PHP/MySQL Hospital Management System. It is a full well developed system that can be used in any hospital. This is very helpful system. Please feel free to explore and develop if you want to add some features.

Hope you learn from this.

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PHP Inventory System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online Inventory System is an online application written in PHP and MySQL with security features like secure login system, and prevention of XSS and SQL Injection attacks.

It allows store manager to manage the inventory online by entering his/her login credentials.

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PHP Ticket System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ticket system using html/php and mysql.

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