PHP Add, Update, Delete, Search and Print Tutorial Source Code

In this package you will learn how to add record, update, search, print or even delete records.

1. Install wamp5

2. After Installation, copy folder “IC”, go paste in the directory below


3. Upload database http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

4. Run your Wamp

5. From browser type in


6. Login Details:

username: admin
password: admin123

Download Here:

PHP File Uploader Tutorial Source Code

This system enable user to;
1. Log in to the system
2. Upload files
3. Delete files
4. Download files

If you are interested on this project please modify it by adding;
1. User manager module
2. User activities tracking module
3. More security features

NB: Files are saved in server and only location is saved to database.
PASSWORD: 123456

Previously, this project was done by josina08

For any question, please contact me via email or sourcecodester message modules.
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Download Here:

PHP Upload Video Tutorial Source Code

In this simple project you can learn how to upload a video, store it to your database and play video. The users can only upload a video format in mpg, wma, mov, flv, mp4, avi, qt, wmv, and rm. The maximum video file size to be upload is 10mb. This project is created using PHP in PDO query.

Download Here: