PHP Online Exam System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is an online exam system using PHP, a simple project I made.

User can login account from:

Admin can login from:

for user login:

For admin login

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I believe that this source code is helpful for everyone.. You can learn many function from here.

In this project I also use AjAX ..

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PHP Purchase Request Tracking System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The scope of the project includes:

-The web application is able to allow end users or requestors to sign up for
an account.

-The web application can be able to record purchase requests done by the
users to be submitted to the SPU Office and Authorized Personnel. The
users will input their requests in the web application.

-The web application administrator or the SPU Staff is responsible of
updating the status of each submitted purchase requests (PR).

-The web application can be able to provide an interface for the requestor
that will display the list and status of the requested equipments such as
received, canvas form for signing of president, for canvassing, BAC
opening, arrived of the purchase requests.

-The web application end users will be capable of sending message the
SPU to follow up for the request status if there is updates or progress
about the purchase request submitted by the end user.

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PHP Online Class Record System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This class record system is a web-based system that aims to minimize the work of advisers or instructor in a school in processing the class record. In this system the instructor can add grades and the students can take examination through online. This also includes a scheduling of classes and can print report of grades in every instructor. This system will certainly help establish an effective management within the school.

These are the following features of the system
Admin Side
Manage Subjects
Manage Courses
Manage Class Schedules
Manage Classes
Manage Quizzes
Leave Message
Manage Users
Print Student Grades
List of Schedules
Add Grades to Students
Manage Classes
Manage Quizzes
Leave Message
Print Grades
Student Side
View Profile
Create Message
View Grades
Manage Accounts
Take a Test
Login and Logout

Access this system using the admin accounts:
Password: admin
Download and install the following:
xampp latest version
For more information about the system. You can contact me @
Email –
Mobile No. – 09305235027 – TNT
FB Account –
or feel free to comment below

PHP School Admission Processing System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys, this is a School Admission Portal that will help schools process their admission with ease.

Student can apply for admission and take exams online, wait for result, start uploading details and many more.

Admin can print out pins, activate students and deactivate them any time.

Feel free to modify the system. Database is located in the Database folder.
Documents is in the Documentation folder.

If you encounter any error, just post it in the comment area and I’ll reply you.

PHP ROTC Enrollment System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ROTC Enrollment system , I want to share this Enrollment system using PHP,HTML,CSS, Boostrap . Here you can enroll a student and view all by type. In this system already filter by Semester .You can learn easily . 1. Create Database – rotc 2. Upload the sql on sql folder. 3.done

Username: admin
Password: admin
Download Here: