PHP Fighting Cock Information System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The fighting cock information system coordinates and integrates all essentials activities involved in running a fighting cock farm. The system had specified security and functionality standard for managing records and information. The primary purpose was to automate breeding, render timely services to each stage of chicken, maintained records and conditioning program to make data retrieval easy and efficient.

The Fighting Cock Information System (FCIS) provides the fighting cock farm handler to deliver services efficiently and effectively. It provides the primary function of the system of the system such as recording, monitoring and managing record from breeding up to deployment stage which was the fighting cock. The system schedules the activity to be done by the handler such as feeding, immunization, vaccination and deworming. The system could generate reports on the bloodline, the actions done, and the total number of chickens. The system has a conditioning program that was a special module for the chicken to be deployed in a cockfight.

In this system, stages of chicken could be classified as chicks, stag, bull stag and cock. Furthermore, the system could generate alerts if the chicken could be transferred in a predefined stage or age. Also, the system supports the farm by providing a database that would hold all the data related to Information System, making it safe from natural risk, inconsistencies, and error.


Admin account:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Database name: breeders.sql

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PHP Gym Management System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Our proposed “Smart Gym Management System” is for those who run a gym business. Before doing anything we did a decent research on major difficulties for gym owners. We examined carefully about how to make a huge registering system without failure as well as different functions for different kind of user depending on their privilege.

This online gym management system is user-friendly application. This automated system makes all functionality easier for owners. It is very simple in design and to implement. The system requirements are very low. System resources and the system will work in almost all configurations.
# Dashboard Overview

# Section Name : Management
Manage Client
Manage Membership Plans
Manage Enquiry
Manage Subscriptions
Manage Attendance

#Section Name : Users
User Management
Roll Management

#Section Name : Add On
Expense Management
Email Management
SMS Management

#Section Name : Reports
Client Report
Attendance Report
Enquiry Report

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PHP Traffic Offense System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys,

This is my third project on sourcecodester and 20th project in PHP. I hope you will love it!

The traffic offense system helps the police to monitor traffic offenses and issuing of penalties that is endorsements to careless drivers. The system have three users the admin on the back-end and vid (Vehicle Inspection Department ) on the front-end and officer on the front end.

Officer will compile offenses every time when a driver commits an offense and offense points is attached to each offense, if the drivers offense exceed the required limit the drivers license will be endorsed meaning the driver is not allowed to drive for a certain period and if the driver decides to drive with an endorsed license the vehicle will be impounded. My fellow brothers will like to ask where and how this application can be used in remote area? The answer is simple it will be used on roadblocks and tollgates for easy internet access. One can say offense can happen anywhere for example in remote area where network is a problem, for the case I have embedded the application with android app which work the same way as this web application (but this one is for premium if you like it).

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PHP Web-Based Time Table Scheduling PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a Web-Based Time Table Scheduling System for Tertiary Institution designed to solve timetable and schedulling problems in higher institution.

It make sure courses, lecturer, room and time does not conflict.

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PHP Online Reviewer System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This online reviewer system is the best for knowledge evaluation and it’s suitable for college and university. This system provides comprehensive list of all of the reviews that was written by the teacher or admin. It is composed of levels questions (easy, moderate and difficult) and the students have to answer the examination with a time limit. Then, the students can view the result after taking the examination to find out if they have passed it or failed.

These are the following features of the system
Admin Side
Test Bank

Manage Questions
Test Your Self

Add Examination
View Question
Edit Examination
Pre Board Exam

Add Examination
View Question
Edit Examination
Manage User Accounts

Pre Test
Take Exam
Pre Board Exam
Take Exam
Login and Logout
Access this system using the admin accounts:
Password: admin

Download and install the following:
xampp latest version

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